The ability to act faster and more effectively than the competition can be the defining advantage in today’s marketplace and the means for successfully managing customer relationships in the long run.

Hotel organizations that are the most successful at collecting, evaluating and applying information will consistently be the leaders
in their industry. 
Managing your company's performance effectively requires:
  • Strategies and plans to drive performance
  • Monitoring the progress of what matters
  • Understanding the “Why” behind performance
Maestro offers a fully integrated Business Intelligence Module, Maestro Analytics  to support all of these requirements.
Maestro Analytics takes the volume of data your organization collects and stores, and turns it into meaningful information that management and staff can use in their day-to-day activities. With information in accessible reports and analysis, you can make better and timelier business decisions. You now have the means to understand the "Why" behind your business performance.
Anyone at any business or technical skill level across your organization can explore the Maestro data table using the Maestro Analytics tool and access large volumes of summarized data with sub-second response times. Maestro’s comprehensive reporting capabilities are suitable for real-time dashboards, ad-hoc queries and export to excel. Maestro’s  rich graphical formatting enables the creation of  dynamic and high-impact reports and dashboards.