Northwind has enhanced Maestro to provide a guest loyalty system that allows loyalty members to have a magnetic card (similar to a gift card) that provides guest recognition and will hold the value of points (equivalent to a fixed dollar value) that may be redeemed for services provided by the Maestro system.

Loyalty program membership is based on a unique identifier for each member who correlates to a client profile in Maestro. A magnetic card may be issued to the loyalty member or the member may simply be accessed by their loyalty ID.
  • Guests may be enrolled into the loyalty program at user defined levels (e.g. silver, gold, platinum, etc).
  • Using a configurable loyalty levels promotion (increases automatically by $ spent or nights stayed).
  • Each loyalty program level will have a qualifying period with an expiry period.
  • Each loyalty program level will have associated configurable benefits (e.g. basic benefits may include only free newspaper, higher level may include free meal, etc).
  • Loyalty member will have extended personal preference capture to identify such preferred items as:
  1. Newspaper
  2. Room type
  3. Room attribute (up to 5)
  4. Turn down time (hours between 7-11)
  5. Diet
  6. Health
  7. Music genre preference
  8. Default TV station preference
  9. Preferred room temperature
  10. Pillow type
  11. Allergies
Membership rewards are earned via purchases made through Maestro, based on Maestro’s posting (transaction) codes and/or by guest reservations booked or nights booked.
Points may be configured to be earned in a variety of ways:
  • Dollars spent recognition: Each posting code will have an assigned earning value earned as points for $ spent (e.g. $1 spent = 12 points)
  • Nights stayed recognition: Each night stayed will earn a user defined points value (e.g. 1 night = 10 points)
  • Reservations booked recognition: each reservation may be configured to be eligible to receive points (e.g. 1 reservation = 120 points)
Referral rewards can be optionally awarded to members when a new loyalty member signs up and indicates they were referred by an existing member
Guests may redeem their points at any point of purchase that currently accepts gift cards, including folio purchase, retail purchases and dining purchases. Points will be configured to have an equivalent points to dollar value (e.g. 120 points = $1).
Setup functions will be created to allow assignment of loyalty program, loyalty level, exchange rate between
dollars to points, eligible posting codes, and user authorizations to manage the loyalty program.
Points Accrual
  • Accrual of points based on dollars spent, with specific earnings by posting code (eg. Ability to assign a higher point value for room revenue than for food revenue)
  • Maintain a points accrued sub ledger for liability reporting purposes
  • Allot points for Spa. Based on $ spent or # reservations
  • Ability to rewards points for the following items
  • Number of stays
  • Room nights
  • Total room revenue
  • Food-and-beverage revenue
  • Total revenue
  • Period stay point bonus
  • General point bonus
  • Ability to create user defined groupings of items above for promotional purposes
  • Ability to assign specific point values for user defined groupings
  • Allow the property to apply different points calculations based on promotion & date related criteria (i.e.:Double/ Triple point calculations based on special promotions, redemption of points not allowed based on date or current BAR).
Guest Preference Tracking
  • Track reservation & non-reservation information (i.e.: dining vs. room reservation preferences)
  • Profiles are able to hold unique Service Code "preferences" (i.e.: quiet room, newspaper preference) that are copied to each reservation when applying a guest profile
  • Be able to track promotional coupons/vouchers issued as well as redemption of same
  • Be able to define different levels of membership/loyalty program
  • Track guest particulars (i.e.: spouses birthday, child birthdays, etc.) and allow for special user defined fields. All of which should be reportable
  • Track Multi-Tiered reward programs (e.g. Platinum, Gold, Silver)
  • Ability for multiple reward programs based on different criteria and rewards for an individual guest
  • Ability to maintain on file awards received by individual guest or member
  • Ability to charge an annual fee for membership
Online Access
  • Via ResWave for online access
  • Self enrol in loyalty program
  • Check account balance
  • Modify preferences
  • View past and upcoming reservations
  • Opt in/out of specific mailings
  • Use existing ResWave functions (book reservations, spa, dining, etc) with assignment to guests loyalty profile
How Does Maestro Loyalty Compare to Stash & Voila?
  • Voila and Stash are prepackaged loyalty programs that a property can simply enroll with, whereas to use Maestro’s Loyalty engine the property needs to define and create their own unique program
  • Voila and Stash allow a guest to visit properties that are in all other ways unrelated yet still earn points. With the Maestro Loyalty engine, the earning and rewards will be restricted to those using Maestro and configured/associated appropriately
  • Voila and Stash work on subscription models for fees. Each transaction will have an associated cost. With Maestro there is a one-time purchase fee plus nominal yearly maintenance only
  • There is no unique branding available to the property or properties with Voila or Stash. With Maestro Loyalty engine, the program can be created and managed with unique and distinct branding as chosen by management
  • Maestro Loyalty is fully automated; point accrual, stay or room night recognition, promotions and redemptions are all integrated into the Maestro PMS. Enrollment, birthdays, monthly newsletters and Status updates can all be sent directly through Maestro and recorded against the guest profile. Voila and Stash currently have no interface or automation with Maestro
  • Maestro extends loyalty to include guest preferences, which will facilitate loyalty and guest recognition beyond a simple point accumulation
  • Maestro can drive point earnings through referrals and online guest survey completion, providing the property with enhanced recognition of loyalty of guests beyond simple guest visits
Do you wish to develop and own your own unique program or do you wish to simply participate in a larger pool where you will have less control of the product?