The Housekeeping module of Maestro enables the user to enter and track information that is required to manage the property’s housekeeping.

It allows the housekeeping department to:
  • Assign staff to clean rooms and track their productivity
  • Maintain a current housekeeping status for each room
  • Manually update the housekeeping status of individual or multiple rooms
  • Automatically update rooms’ housekeeping status using the guest telephone
  • View the housekeeping history for a room
  • Confirm the front desk inventory of available and occupied rooms
  • Create following reports listing housekeeping information for all or selected rooms, housekeeping assignments, status discrepancies, and off-market rooms
A Property Customizes The Following Maestro Options To Setup Its Housekeeping Functions In The Following Sequence:
Housekeeping Status Codes
Housekeeping statuses indicate whether or not a room is clean and available for assignment to an incoming guest and are used for assigning, reporting, and managing room cleaning. Status codes are user-defined, which allows a property to create codes that reflect its practices and are meaningful to its users.
Housekeeping Default Status
After creating housekeeping status codes, a property sets up default status codes that Maestro assigns to a room when its occupancy status changes. The codes are automatically assigned although staff can manually reset them. If no defaults are assigned, the property must change the statuses manually.
Housekeeping Staff
When creating housekeeping assignments, the property selects the housekeepers who are available on a particular day from a list of all housekeepers. This configuration function creates the complete list, which then becomes the pull-down list for selecting a day’s available housekeepers.
Housekeeping Cleaning Assignment
Maestro creates room cleaning assignment lists for all available housekeepers based on the number of rooms that need to be cleaned, the number of staff available, and the maximum workload for a housekeeper.
Housekeeping Interface Setup
The Housekeeping Interface setup cross-references the function and status codes used by the PBX with the corresponding codes that Maestro uses. This interface allows staff to use the room’s telephone to communicate updated housekeeping status information to Maestro. The property defines a numeric sequence that, when entered through the room telephone, causes the phone system to generate the function and status codes listed during setup. The table shown below determines the equivalent Maestro housekeeping status code that is transmitted to Maestro.
Housekeeping Report
The report provides housekeeping information about rooms including date last cleaned, occupancy and housekeeping statuses, and, for reserved and occupied rooms, information about guests such as reservation number, arrival date, departure date and time, and number of guests. This report can also list rooms selected by room type, building, availability, status, and type and within a range of rooms.