Maestro ‘on the go’ Mobile Tablet Friendly Applications
For Guests
iPad Check-in/Check out
Web PRO (Pre Registration Online)
ResWave2 Web Booking Engine for Guest & Groups
For Hotel Management
Front Desk Folio Display
Management Dashboards
Work Order Maintenance (Q2 2017)
Maestro’s iPad Check-In – Welcome Your Guests at the Curb
Exceeding consumers' demands means elevating service levels and Maestro’s iPad Xpress Check-In provides independents with a unique way to increase service and gain a competitive advantage. Staff may check-in guests and groups at curbside, the concierge desk or other convenient areas on property wirelessly with an iPad. Maestro’s Xpress Check-In technology uses a wireless credit card reader and key encoder so guests can bypass the desk and be in their rooms faster.
Maestro Xpress Check-In is ideal for processing large groups quickly and conveniently to keep the lobby operating smoothly.  Groups and conference attendee registration may be handled in a meeting room, at a welcome reception, or during a kick-off meeting.  Entire tour groups may also be registered, their credit cards processed, and keys encoded and distributed while still on their bus for greater convenience.
Shifts Bookings to Hotel Website, Mobile and Social
Mobile-friendly ResWave2 enables independents to drive direct bookings for lower costs and increases profitability with added group, upsell, social media and mobile features. As a gateway to reservations from all channels, operators can offer unlimited custom enhancements on their website so guests can self-select 24/7 to increase incremental booking revenue and personalize their stay. ResWave2 combines the latest technology with consumer-focused functionality including seamless customization with hotel website brand and an updated, guest-centric booking process.
New features include:
  • Meeting planner access to group rosters
  • Enhanced mobile optimization for any device
  • Real-time online activity booking for theatre tickets, tee-time, dining, etc.
  • Gateway to reservation upgrades from all channels
  • Online Sales & Catering meeting space inquiry
  • Enhanced online table reservations bookings
  • Online Loyalty registration, account access, change bookings, guest preferences
  • Facebook Booking App
Maestro Mobile WebPRO Pre-Registration Online
Even if guests book from other channels, operators can use Maestro Pre-Registration Online as a guest engagement touch point and stimulate ancillary spend to increase revenue. WebPRO offers convenience to the guest and important pre-arrival information to the hotel.Guests can provide the hotel with valuable insights such as contact information, preferences, special requests, transportation requests, upgrade requests, arrival times and more.
Maestro Mobile Management Dashboard
Other Maestro mobile friendly tablet applications let operators use any tablet to wirelessly connect to their Maestro system remotely for closer management oversight.
Whether it is the big picture or of the entire portfolio, the Maestro Mobile Management Dashboard provides management report access, real-time activity and other features. Managers and ownership teams use Maestro to easily access the property's system any time from anywhere to enable closer management oversight for informed, up-to-the-minute decisions.
Front Desk Folio View
The tablet enabled Front Desk Folio View permits the front desk clerk or other authorized members of the management staff to view a guest's electronic folio at any time. Even if guests make a last minute phone call or order breakfast after receiving the "under-the-door" checkout folio, the updated folio will reflect final hotel charges enabling a quick and easy way to offer a speedy checkout process and personalize the guest experience.
Housekeeping & Work Order Maintenance Mobile
Housekeeping and maintenance are often at the heart of hotel operations running smoothly. Maestro gives them the power and mobility of a tablet app designed to reduce the time required to carry out housekeeping, maintenance and hotel support tasks, as well as enhance staff and management communications to better serve guests and get a real-time picture of the room status.
The mobile app helps to manage tasks, report room status in real time, flag maintenance issues, send problem reports with before and after photos, manage cleaning sessions or other housekeeping and maintenance needs.