Maestro Multi-Property is the most robust solution available for an enterprise organization. Whether you have two local hotels or hundreds of hotels across the country, Maestro Multi-Property provides proven features and capabilities that provide unprecedented management control over the enterprise. Maestro Multi-Property allows your hotels to cross sell and cross manage inventory, providing guest services that span your entire organization. User function access is tightly controlled, with users able to operate on as few or as many hotels as is appropriate for their daily responsibilities. The single server/single database implementation model of Maestro Multi-Property also means large savings in hardware, network administration, software licensing and support.

This view of cross property inventory shows all properties room availability and yield strategies from any workstation across the enterprise or through the Internet, perfect for a reservations department. Maestro’s drill down capability allows permission based access to go to other views of inventory directly from this window.
The group sales team has its own very powerful view with all the same front desk capabilities combined with a view of function rooms and bookings. Real-time information is available in complete detail in it's entirety for your team.
The guest experience is enhanced by everyone working on the same page, e.g. a guest arrives at the wrong property and the clerk is immediately able to view the reservation and take appropriate action. Guest history is enterprise wide, e.g. Mr. Smith may not have ever come to one of your properties but the clerk can see and pull forward into a new reservation his profile, service requirements, free form guest notes, credit card information and see that he is an important guest at another of our properties. A more complex example; the guest has a reservation which includes two or more properties in Maestro; this is based on a single reservation and single folio. Inter property communication on the guest experience is instantaneous using internal Maestro mail to affect the property room change and provide the guest with a single folio which they settle in the hotel as defined by your property. It may for example be the last property they are staying in.
Maestro takes multi-property accounting a step further; the revenue is automatically credited to and reported on by the appropriate property as part of the night audit process resulting in efficient utilization of resources, in the case of one client freeing accounts receivable staff to focus on other areas. From a reporting standpoint, you have the option to view all reports by property or enterprise where appropriate. There is no single bucket or duplication of posting codes with a naming convention (leading to clerk error) as in most multi building solutions. In a two property management system they lack the ability to consolidate functions such as A/R and T/A reconciliation leading to duplication of staffing.
Take the guest experience up to the conference group level. The same functionality, single group reservation, inventory and conference rooms spread out through the enterprise all reconciled appropriately with the group receiving a single invoice from the hotel "in charge" of the booking.
Maestro is designed as a flexible and portable long term solution, due to its platform and database independent design. This means that as Hardware and Operating System vendors improve their products, Maestro is able to take advantage of those improvements, and your investment in Maestro is protected.