Experienced travelers plan their get-away months in advance and spend hours thinking about what it will be like to finally relax and how their time will be spent when they finally check in. Anticipation surrounds the final weeks before they catch the plane; they daydream of where they will be every minute of the day when they get to their resort. They expect their golf and tennis lessons, tee times, and yoga classes to be scheduled accurately and with the instructors they reserved – and how a resort delivers on these day-by-day expectations determines the likelihood of repeat business and valuable word of mouth referrals.

An Essential Tool For Spas, Resorts, And Clubs
The Maestro Spa & Activities Management System is a sophisticated scheduling and billing application developed in cooperation with leading international spas and resorts to make any club or spa operation more efficient and profitable. The system is designed to fully integrate with the widely installed Maestro Enterprise Resort System to utilize its single-image database resort architecture to manage every type and size of facility without limit. Spa & Activities Management, links guests’ activity schedules, spa treatment program appointments, and other amenity requests all on the guest’s record, forever, to boost service and guest satisfaction, and facilitate ongoing marketing campaigns.
The system is very easy to learn and use so staff can focus on your guests, not technology, to ensure they are receiving the personal services they expect, which is critical to any spa or club operation.
Spa & Activities Functionality Benefits Include:
  • Seamless integration with Maestro Front Office - Spa or Activities reservations can be made from any Maestro terminal with password authority.
  • Secured data access protection ensures guest information remains confidential and may only be added or changed by appropriate staff.
  • Scheduling by treatment type, service provider, time or facility enables guests to customize personal sessions during their entire stay for a perfect experience.
  • Spa treatments may be included in packages which are integrated in front office reservations to generate greater revenue and property utilization by guests.
  • Familiar Windows screen design lets staff be productive more quickly and make fewer errors while serving guests.
  • Spa & Activities Management provides full billing capability as well as a built-in point of sale system for more accurate charge capture and fewer posting errors.
  • Guest health attribute information tracking may be linked in the system to room reservations for superior service and evaluation of guest preferences and booking patterns. To ensure a stress free experience for the guest, health attributes are checked for conflicts with treatments. Comprehensive guest data may be used to drive post stay marketing campaigns to increase repeat business.
  • Staff service provider scheduling allows flexible breaks and lunches to be shown throughout the week allowing greater efficiency and service provider optimization.
  • Email confirmations, itineraries, and other correspondence are included in Spa & Activities Management, allowing guest communication and schedules to be sent to guests directly from club spa terminal ensuring guests have timely pre-stay contact to improve guest expectations. Reservation Confirmations may be configured to reflect complete guest room and spa reservations.
  • Integrated accounting: all charges and billing are included on the guest’s front desk folio. Individual bills can be generated for day guests.
  • Non-hotel guests are also able to be reserved and billed through the Spa & Activities management system.