The Work Order Management module is designed to support operational activities of management and staff responsible for
maintenance and repair.

Functions & Features
  • Ability to generate work orders with detailed information and unlimited text
  • Ability to schedule and track work order activities and status
  • Ability to categorize work orders into user defined groupings
  • Ability to track rooms, closets, hallways, etc. and items within each
  • A facility is provided to track the condition of items in rooms
  • Ability to issue one work order to cover multiple rooms
  • Activities and work orders are stamped with date, time and clerk
  • Update room service history globally by range of rooms
  • Update room inventory globally by range of Rooms
  • Work order numbers may be assigned manually or generated automatically
  • Ability to track costs of materials used
  • Ability to generate cost analysis reports
  • Custom forms design and printing
  • Ability to generate forms for different trade persons
  • Work order standard reports can be viewed and printed on demand and by selected criteria
  • Ad hoc query and report writer facility is available to satisfy management needs