Wireless provides guests with total flexibility
Xpress Check-In Wireless offers guests immediate check-in or check-out services from anywhere in the hotel via an Apple iPad. With Xpress Check-In Wireless agents can meet guests curbside, help them with their luggage and complete the entire check-in process—all at the same time. Guests can check out from the hotel’s lobbies, shops, restaurants or from their own rooms. Xpress Check-In Wireless streamlines the process of registering large groups. Conference attendees can check in during a welcome reception or kick-off meeting, and tour groups can check in before they even get off the bus. RFID or Magnetic key encoding is also available. The entire transaction typically takes no longer than a minute. Folios, guest messages and coupons may be emailed to the guest or sent to a strategically located printer.
Increase Revenue By Offering Guests An Upgrade
The initial check in screen shows the agent all arriving , in house and departing.
The agent may search for a guest in the following ways:
  • Enter name
  • Swipe a credit card
  • Scroll through the on screen list or sort arrivals, departures or web guest
As the guest name is entered into the text box, the screen narrows down the search. Once the guest has been identified, the agent simply touches the appropriate name to begin the check in process.
The guest reservation is then retrieved from the PMS system and displayed for approval or change
Based on the hotel business rules and availability in the hotel, a guest may change their departure date at check in
During the check in process, a guest can opt into an email marketing program.
Additionally, the system can utilized a guest email in the following ways:
  • Email a folio at check-out
  • Email a message waiting at the desk
  • Get email or text notification when their room is ready
  • If an email address is already on file in the PMS, Xpress Check-in populates the field automatically.
Xpress Wireless Will Exceed Your Guests Expectation
Based on the hotels business rules and availability in the hotel, an agent may also make the follow-ing changes to the reservation:
  • Change room type
  • Change smoking preference
  • Up-sell to another room type
Guest messages from the PMS may be displayed to the guest or emailed
Special requests may also be displayed.
Xpress Check-In offers an optional signature capture feature to collect the guest signatures at check-in or check-out.
Once the agent is ready to encode the guest keys, they simply touch the appropriate encoder on the iPad and retrieve the key for the guest.
Multiple keys may also be made from the iPad.
The guest has now been checked into the hotel
With Xpress Wireless most transactions can be performed in under one minute