• Guest Experience Measurement You Can Trust!

    Your guests are consistently being asked for feedback about their experience at your property. But have you ever thought about who is doing the asking…and why? Superior reputation management STARTS by having your own proprietary, integrated and accurate guest feedback system that you oversee. Stop relying on third party guest feedback aggregators that have their own agenda. Use Maestro’s fully integrated Guest Experience Measurement (GEM) System and experience the benefits of knowing exactly how your guests feel about their time with you!

    Seamless, Real Time Integration with Maestro’s GEM Insight

    • You see guest feedback in real time as soon as it is submitted
    • Receive early warning triggers for property service/quality issues
    • Instant access to relevant guest intelligence & insight reports
    • Fully integrated with key Maestro touch points (Guest Profile, Reservations, Loyalty)
    • Actionable feedback encourages operational excellence, meaningful differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage

Increase Revenue

  • GEM monitors guest perceptions to help you to optimize property resources and ensure you are providing superior value
  • GEM can tell you precisely what matters to your guests and what you need to do to keep them coming back
  • Use GEM to ensure that you consistently deliver the benefits that guests value most to increase referral and return stays
  • Integrated with Maestro Analytics to boost sales by leveraging promotions that deliver superior margins and encourage guest usage of onsite facilities and services


Increase Revenue

  • Fix problems fast - before they escalate and/or cost you future business
  • Automatically track operational deficiencies until they are resolved
  • Reduce costs by optimizing resources allocation (staff, time and money)

Build Guest Loyalty

  • GEM makes it easy to “re-connect” with guests where a follow up action is appropriate
  • Automated thank you following guest stay shows your appreciation for their business

  • Asking for guest feedback shows that you are committed and accountable
  • Loyal guests are typically your most profitable

Manage Your Reputation with Confidence

  • Access to accurate, statistically tested guest feedback 24/7
  • Act with certainty and make better resource allocation decisions
  • Celebrate your strong performance with staff, guests, and future guests
  • Automatically encourage guests to provide positive feedback to TripAdvisor


System Features

  • Seamless, automatic post check out thank you email/survey invitation which is fully integrated with Maestro
  • Unique survey flexibility, unlimited survey usage, advanced web-based survey technology
  • Custom property branding, survey incentive, post survey landing page
  • Accurate, customizable and easy-to-use reporting (weekly and/or monthly) supported by rigorous statistical analysis and testing
  • Secure, confidential cumulative database maintained and available 24/7
  • Fully integrated with Maestro’s ResWave and Guest Rewards & Loyalty program
  • Showcase your positive overall scores (superior value, service, referral, re-book) and select guest comments on your own property website using a unique GEM widget

  • GEM HighLights features
    Accurate answers at your fingertips: If you prefer “short and sweet” when it comes to guest feedback, GEM Highlight is the way to go! A standard electronic survey can be completed by your guests in less than 60 seconds and will give your management team an accurate overview of your guest experience in real time. GEM Highlight is available at a reduced annual cost and full integration with Maestro is at your preference.

    • How did your property perform?
      • The basics – property, amenities, staff and accommodation
    • How did your guests feel?
      • Emotional connection - Welcomed, respected, secure, comfortable, valued
    • Will your guests come back?
      • How likely are they to re-book with you?
    • Will your guests advocate for you?
      • Will they say “you really have to stay at the…”

  • Take meaningful action:

    • Allocate resources appropriately
      • Time, people, capital costs
    • Build marketing campaigns that work
      • On point, on brand, cost effective
    • Become social media leaders, not followers
      • Engaged, proactive, responsive

Get the “short” answers you need to:

  • Respond appropriately and in real time to happy or unhappy guests
  • Sharpen your focus - simplify your job
  • Help make everyone more productive
  • Know what your competition doesn’t know


Control Costs.

  • Fix problems fast before they escalate and/or cost you future business
  • Reduce costs by allocating your resources (staff, time and money) to the areas that most impact guests’ loyalty
  • Ensure that the resources spent to improve your guest experience are having desired impact
  • Lower annual subscription costs for GEM Highlights