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Proactive Yield Management

Maestro offers a wide range of integrated real time yield management  features.  In many cases, each feature can be activated and configured to operate independently or can be fully integrated with other features. Moreover, the configurations can be system-wide or limited to selected Rate Types or seasons. This set up capability allows the user to customize the property’s own unique yield management program by implementing only those features that provide direct benefits. Additionally, the user may choose from several approaches to manage the property’s yield management program.

Maestro's Availability screen instantly notifies the Reservation Staff of all Yield Controls that the Revenue Manager has put in place for the period. This can include:  Rate Type Closures, Length-of-Stay Controls and Rate Modifications to name a few.

Maestro will automatically restrict all new activity from all reservation channels to ensure that the Manger's Yield strategy is maintained. Alternatively, the manager may choose to provide specific users with the ability to override some or all of these strategies based on need.

This Rate Modification will automatically adjust the property's Sell Rate depending on the prevailing occupancy at the time the reservation inquiry is made. The rates will automatically rise and fall with demand.

This Duration Control will automatically deny all short term business for the lucrative high season weekends. This strategy will ensure that space will be made available for the higher yielding, long term stays.

Maestro's Yield Management system can also display Advisory Messages that can be communicated to the guest during the reservation process.

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